Can access website from public IP but not from domain

Hey everyone. I set up a webserver on my network and portforwarded the webserver on port 80. I then made an A-record on my domain that points to my public IP. But I just get a 522 error when I type my domain, but I can still access my webserver from the public ip.
So what is going on? I tried with and without proxying the ip, but no difference.
Thanks /Mads

Sounds like Cloudflare may be connecting to your site over port 443 (HTTPS) which is not open.

Please pause Cloudflare and make sure you can reach your server over HTTPS without issues. Then you can unpause Cloudflare and it should work.

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I haven’t set up any certificate yet for my website. Can I make sure cloudflare connects via HTTP on port 80 instead? Just for the time being

You really should configure your origin server with a certificate. If you do not want to setup automatic certificate renewal with Let’s Encrypt, you can generate a free Origin CA certificate in the Cloudflare dashboard. This certificate is only valid for connections between Cloudflare and your origin server (so it won’t work if for unproxied :grey: DNS records), but you can set it to last several years.

If you do not want to secure your website, you can set the SSL mode to “Off (not secure)” in the Cloudflare dashboard → SSL/TLS.


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