Can access my server via ip address, but not domain name

HI all,

Im new to Cloudflare services and seem to be having trouble accessing my server via its domain name. I can access it online via the actual IP address but not when typing the domain name. I currently have my A record’s DNS and HTTP traffic through Cloudflare (orange cloud box on). When I turn it off (grey cloud) and let the change propogate I can then access everything via my domain name.

Any thoughts on this?

Im in the testing phase so i have two A records ( and www) and my nameservers are pointed to the Cloudflare addresses.


The communtiy doesn’t have access to your account, so weit don’t know your domain. Please provide more information like error messages. ’ Doesn’t work’ is something no one can anwser.

Would you mind telling us the domain?

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Hi Mark,

I’ll attempt to explain further. I have the most basic of Cloudflare setups for a simple domain which I use to point to my servers/networks public IP. At the moment I am testing the external connections to my server via x.x.x.x:port# which resolves to my application console just fine. when attempting to use i get an ERR_TIMED_OUT. took to long to respond.

When I turn off HTTP traffic through Cloudflare (DNS app, orange cloud box grey). my domain resolves properly.

Make sure that

are not blocked by anything. Firewall, htaccess and so on

Also, what’s the port if you are not using one of these

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