Can access hosted site and cant access emails

Hi community I was wondering if anybody can help with an awkward situation.

Our website is hosted under another cloud flair account but we can’t access it because email accounts are down due to the MX/DNS being out of date.

Does anybody know a workaround?

Hi Community, can anyone help? the site and email are down and we are losing customers.

I noticed a ticket with Support and their replies. For security purposes, the team can only work with the account holder directly. If you are unable to access the account that holds the site, you’ll have no option other than to move the site to an account you can control. That is a lot of work and not a quick process and it is worth trying to fix the email issues.

You mentioned,

Did you make changes in Cloudflare/dashboard dns records that caused those records to be out of date or changes with your email service? I suspect it was with your service and if so, the most expedient route would be to see if your can revert those changes.

If & when you can reverse those changes, you can use the password recovery option, and here,, but if you are unable to access the email used to set up the account, you’ll have no option but to move the domain to another account. You can :search: here as this issue is talked about on this site frequently.

Hi Cloonan, I am the account holder. I cant reset the password for the original account because we can’t access the email associated email because DNS or MX setting need to be updated on Clodfare. Can the accoun be transferred to another? or a temporary password be set up?

You can transfer by adding the site to the account you are using here and changing the nameservers at your domain registrar to the two assigned to this account. That will take up to 24 hours to propagate and you’ll need to recreate the dns records. Nothing in instantaneous unfortunately, hence my suggestion to try and get email working if at all possible.

No, our recovery options assume you can access email or if you have 2FA enabled that you have the recovery codes.