Can a subdomain be used on a different platform that main domain?

I use the main domain on platform called FGFunnels. But I have a page on another web platform called Showit. Is it possible to make a page that is not on FGFunnels - be a subdomain of Would love any help, please!!

You certainly can. I have multi-platform domains. All you need is for your DNS records to point to the correct location.

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Ok, thank you so much!

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I tried to forward the subdomain with the info from the new server but it keeps getting an error saying this is already in use?

Any tips?!

It sounds like you’re paraphrasing an error message that the DNS record already exists. You’d have to get rid of the old record, then add the new one. The following tutorial has links for Adding and Editing/Deleting DNS records:

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Yes, but I don’t want to delete the DNS records for my main domain - that is staying as is. I’m trying to add and point a subdomain to a new server.

Starbucks card coming your way if you can’t help me figure this out!!

Thank you SO much!!!

No need for the Starbucks card.

Can you post a picture of all your DNS records, including the error message that’s displayed? It’s ok to black out IP addresses for security.

***I just sent this and it wouldn’t let me add 2 attachments - only 1. I’ll just type out the warning - it said CNAME record with that host already exists. (Code 81054)

Well, I really appreciate your help!!

When I was trying to add the record below I got the warning.

A record: * to

I was able to add the @ remarkableinfants to to
And it says I’m supposed to also add: CNAME: www to (


You already have a CNAME for ‘www’ that points to the flash.funnels hostname. You’d have to click on that ‘www’ record to put it in Edit mode, then click Delete in the editor.

If you’re trying to add a wildcard (*) record, you already have one that also points to that flash.funnels hostname. You’d have to delete that one as well.

What will happen if I delete those? I don’t want to mess up my other sites! :sob::grimacing:

You can’t have DNS for the same hostname point to two different sources.

You’re going to have to decide where you want those hostnames to resolve to.

It’s all Chinese to me. I do not speak this language.

The CNAME www - really consumes me! Isn’t www a subdomain? I don’t want to be using www - I’m creating a different subdomain. So that really confuses me.

And I have no clue what the asterik a record is ? I don’t know if I change if that will mess up my existing site.

Ahhhhh! I’m in over my head.

Your host should be able to tell you what your DNS entries should be. If you’re not sure your host wants you to use ‘www’ or an actual subdomain name, you should check with them. After all, that the hostname you have to have set up with them.

You’ve been so helpful! Thank you! I think I did get it figured out!!!

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