Can a domain be active on multiple CF accounts?


A site I manage was working fine through CF until the domain was inadvertently allowed to expire over the weekend. The issue came to light yesterday after a warning email from CF that DNS had been moved away, so the domain was renewed and CF now shows that all is well …but the site cannot be reached for some reason.

To try and resolve the problem, I paused CF on that domain over an hour ago, so I should be seeing the real server IP when I ping the site, but I still seem to be getting CF IPs (198.54.117.*) reported - despite clearing my local DNS cache several times.

This has made me wonder whether the domain might have been registered to another CF account at some point in the past, and that other account has now become dominant.

Is it possible? If so, how can I check and correct the situation if needed?


The address you mentioned is not a Cloudflare address.

What is the domain?


After some more digging, I traced it back to the registrar – they’d hijacked the DNS and propagation is just being slow to catch up… fingers crossed, things will be resolved by tomorrow

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