Cambio de ns hacia otro hosting

Hola, quisiera cambiar el hosting cpanel actual a uno nuevo mas potente que compre, el tema es que compre el dominio en godaddy y pase el dominio a cloudlare, es decir registre el dominio aca en cloudflare que me salio 8 dolares y en godaddy aun me da la opcion para cambiar la dns, y no se como cambiar la conexion del hosting viejo al nuevo porque nose donde colocar la ns del nuevo hosting. alguien me podria ayudar ?

When you get a new host, they will have a page with your DNS records. You will need to update your DNS records here to match the ones at your new host.

I changed the ip address of the old hosting by the one of the new hosting yesterday and when entering the domain it says error 404. And I copied the database and the files of the new hosting to the old one so that it would operate but I jump error 404. Why would it be?

When making major changes, it’s best to “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the Overview page and then make sure you site works with HTTPS before re-enabling Cloudflare.

Y como pauso cloudflare en el sitio ?

It’s in the Overview page in the Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 11.52.18 AM

Transfer the domain from godaddy to cloudflare on Sunday but in godaddy I still think that the domain is hosted in godaddy and not in cloudflare. godaddy support tells me to contact cloudflare but they do not respond and godaddy’s plan expires on May 6, they tell me that if I do not pay to date the domain will be removed but I register it in cloudflare paying 8 dollars a year .

Hola. alguien me diria donde colocar los ns del hosting al cloudflare para que se conecte el dominio con el hosting porfavor ?

Cloudlfare tells you two name servers. You need to find out from your domain registrar where these go. Then they will become your “Servidores de nombres” in your picture.

Cambie la dns para que apunte al nuevo hosting cpanel pero salta error en la web. lo hice hace unos minutos.


en el cpanel me figura otra ip y nose cual colocar en la dns asi que coloque las 3

Alguien me podria ayudar porfavor ?

Como lo soluciono ?

Your site is working. Is this ok?

Funciona porque volvi a cambiar al hosting anterior hasta que solucione el problema

Your first picture showed all hostnames with a 107.180 IP address. Your later picture showed a IP address. Which one is it supposed to be?