Cambiar mi IP

Hola, hace unos días instalé un plugin llamado iThemes security y desde aquello he tenido problemas tanto para la visualización de mi página como para entrar a configurarla en WordPress. Envié un ticket de soporte a mi servicio de hosting y me aconsejaron cambiar la dirección IP en cloudflafe. Intenté hacerlo pero no ha ocurrido nada aún. Hice algo mal?

I don’t know iThemes (formerly known WPSecurity) but I wonder why you need a localhost entry. :thinking:

The localhost is what it is, local. And should be resolved by your server, locally. Your DNS entry would resolve to, or right now 31.22.xx.xx. Which doesn’t seem to be your server. What did the support team advise exactly?

About your issue: can you access your page while Cloudflare is paused?

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