Calling any function route gives 404 with Docusaurus


I’m trying to use Cloudflare Pages Functions with Docusaurus site. I’ve put test functions/tools/signup.js and made sure it’s copied to a site output. The contents of signup.js:

export async function onRequest(context) {
    // Contents of context object
    const { request } = context;
    const clientIP = request.headers.get("CF-Connecting-IP");
    return new Response("Your IP: " + clientIP);

However, visiting http://{site-temp-url}/tools/signup gives 404 page instead of running a function and displaying IP address. What’s interesting I can browse to http://{site-temp-url}/functions/tools/signup.js and see JS source - so, the file is there. It looks like /functions directory is not picked up/ignored by Cloudflare Pages.

Sources: GitHub - pglet/website at subscribe-form
Last build:
Trying to call function route gives 404: Last build:
Though I can see function source: Trying to call function route gives 404: Last build:

I also made another trivial web site (GitHub - appveyor/website-cfp: AppVeyor website on Cloudflare Pages) just to test functions and it worked:

What am I doing wrong? Must be something simple and obvious, right?

Try moving the functions folder from the static folder to the root level (up one level).

Wow, that worked! /functions directory should not be built together with the site and must be just in the root of the repo.

Thank you for the fast response!

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