Callbacks from payment service provider


Our payment service provider sends callbacks to WooCommerce from IP range 213.207

On this ways I added the whitelist for this range:
The callback still is failed and our payment provider gets a 503 after proxy response.

Even if we only use Cloudflare DNS by turning the clouds grey.
But when we use our own nameservers everything works fine.

Is this the right way for whitelisting?
How can’t it work even if we only use Cloudflare for DNS?

Hope we can fix it with your anwsers.

Kind regards,

Are you still encountering this issue? Changing the nameservers moves the site away from cloudflare. The 503 is a rate limit error, is there any accompanying text with the error code?

Dear Cloonan,

This is the error:
Received HTTP code 503 from proxy after CONNECT

Kind regards,

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Thank you, similar conversation here, although without the positive outcome you’re wanting, but it may be helpful, WooCommerce Worldpay handshake_failure Not Completing Order

Hi Cloonan,

I’ve created this in hope that CardGate will contact you to find a solution: Callback 503 errors with PSP Card Gate in WordPress

we only use their plugin so this is outside our span of control. Thank you for you efforts so far.

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