Callback from paiement service FAIL


We have an ecommerce website using a standard paiement gateway (ATOS), we never had any problem before cloudfare. Now that we use cloudfare we have issue with the paiement service.
The customer goes into our paiement service, do whatever he has to do and comeback to our website. In the meantime ATOS try to reach our server to confirme paiement is OK.

At first, it was a 100% fail, meaning customer came back with no confirmation.
I have then configured a page rule on our module folder :

Désactiver la sécurité, Vérification de l’intégrité du navigateur: Off, Minimisation automatique: Désactivé, Always Online: Off, Niveau de sécurité: Désactivé pour l’essentiel, Niveau de cache: Ignorer, En-tête Géolocalisation IP: Off, Désactiver les applications, Désactiver l’analyse des performances

I would say now 90% of order go trough and I have the confirmation, remain 10% that doesn’t work and stay as a cart and not an order while the payment is done because of no confirmation from ATOS.
Which page rules shoud I change ? What should be done ?

This is a serious issue in my opinion.

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Here is ATOS status, transaction : Approved, but automatic answer : failed

While the one just before went, automatic answer : SENT

This look pretty … RANDOM !

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