Call Static Content From CDN

I want to read Static contents on my website via cdn. For example: The photo is on but I want to call this photo as
How can i do this
Thank You

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Cloudflare acts as a Pull CDN, like most others, so when a file is requested for the first time, it is loaded in the cache. Subsequent requests will come from the cache until that item expires or is evicted for lack of use until the next request. You’re certainly welcome to use any other service that suits you best.

You can either:

  1. Use Cloudflare Pages and Workers to serve HTML and non-html content (images…) except videos (you’d have to use Cloudflare Spectrum for that, if so).
  2. Use BackBlaze B2 Storage or BunnyCDN or even KeyCDN
  3. You’d have to create a sub-domain and add a DNS hostname for it, if so
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