Call rate / traffic limits for DOH API?

I haven’t found anything regarding these.
Are there any limits for the DNS over HTTPS (DOH) API?
I mean could I call this endpoint 345.600 times a day from my server?

I don’t expect you’ll get much of an answer, but that’s 4 hits per second. It’s not ridiculously high for the amount of traffic Cloudflare gets. But what are they going to do? Block your IP address?

The subject has come up and the typical response is to contact Sales for high volume use.

At that many requests per second/minute, it seems it’d be more efficient to run a local caching DNS server. I use a couple of PiHoles that cut my DNS queries to Cloudflare by about half.


Sorry, didn’t find it.

Thanks for sharing your solution.

No worries. That was just from memory. I didn’t try searching for it, but it was someone’s corporate use case for using as their company’s DNS resolver.

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