Calix Gigacenter router not connecting to.

Hey there guys, thanks for welcoming me on here. I have a calix gigacenter router that I have configured to use but I cannot get ping or traceroute results. I also tried with my mobile using private dns feature and going to www. to confirm dns over tls is working but I get 404 error. It does connect to so I have a feeling my ISP is blocking connection. Can anyone assist please? Thanks

Your ISP :wink:

From your screenshot it actually seems as if your router hijacked the address itself (though I am not sure what “Time 2” refers to).

Seems to be a known issue however →

Thanks for your response but how do I get this rectified. They are the easiest to deal with when it comes to customer support. I have uploaded another photo with the info you weren’t sure about.

As I said, you need to contact your ISP.

Ok I will. I have a relative that have same router and get connection to cloudfare. So it might be down to router itself and not ISP. Thanks