Calculation cost of the outbound traffic and headers

As I know the user pays for outbound traffic.
I’m going to use a few billion calls per day.
I understand that cost comes from body + headers.

So my question is: Can I remove all redundant headers my mobile App does not use?

The response header from my worker looks like this:

accept-ranges bytes
age 8
cache-control public, max-age=3600
cf-cache-status HIT
cf-ray 6d291fdf1a3a544f-YYZ
connection close
content-length 80
content-type application/json
date Mon, 24 Jan 2022 12:04:28 GMT
etag "31de2313a7eeb91508c1607d542ebd9a"
expect-ct max-age=604800, report-uri=""
max-age=604800, report-uri=""
expires Mon, 24 Jan 2022 13:04:28 GMT
last-modified Mon, 24 Jan 2022 11:29:14 GMT
server cloudflare
x-amz-id-2 vNinhnzk/4aKkGBK5c//2sbMvIKtXOHtEdZSKEvTEXL/SqFifoQomHz34Shm+wv3NXa7IfLKJ8I=
x-amz-meta-af-auth-v1 123456789012
x-amz-request-id E10VRVHZ6TJSBZG4
x-amz-version-id 4L2pzbr93W6soHhNUVM9kyR4h01FSd8g

and the body is pretty small:

{"ver":"default.v1.1637149529","test_mode":true,"data":{"fess":"code for food"}}

For example, I would remove:


I already saw this topic: Remove expect-ct and report-to headers

Which fees are you exactly referring to here?

Also, the Cloudflare headers you posted are all proxy response headers, so your server will never handle them and you won’t be billed either.

Thank you for your quick response @sandro . I less care about a price, I care that the headers increase the data size x10 times. So I try to understand if this is a case I can do something.
From this post Remove expect-ct and report-to headers I understand expect-ct and other flags come as part of analyzing and debuging.

The number of headers shouldn’t really be an issue. What are you trying to fix in this context? You did mention a fee originally.

Let’s imagine I pay 1 cent for 1Gb of the data or $1 for 100Gb. (the response from CDN to client)

The real data is 250bytes. The headers ~= 3Kb.

So when we talk about 1B requests a day, with headers we get 3,250G a day.
Without some headers - (we stay with 30% of headers) - we get 1,250G a day.

And my company will pay an extra ~250%


I am afraid your concerns are still not quite clear. Originally you said you were concerned about fees, then you said you weren’t, and now you mentioned the price again.

As far as traffic charges are concerned, Cloudflare typically does not charge for traffic between the client and the proxies.

As for your question, you can remove certain headers with response rules in the dasboard, but again that’s not really necessary.


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