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My website has stopped showing the latest articles. It seems to be stuck in the past. When I am logged into admin mode, I can see them both on the home page and another page. However, when I visit the website as a regular visitor, I do not see the latest articles. Other visitors have reported the same issue. Have purged cache from everywhere but there is no change. Can you please help me resolve this?

This is usually due to a stale cache… but it’s impossible for us to say exactly where the problem is without examining the page in question.

Have you configured Cloudflare’s full-page caching?

If you’re running WordPress and a caching plugin, have you flushed the plugin’s cache?

If your host does their own server/platform-based caching, have you flushed it?

Are you using some other external service (eg Ezoic) that could be doing caching as well?

If you could provide your website address, I could run some checks and let you know what I find.


It was Ezoic caching indeed! It was the only external service I had missed and it was what was causing the issue. Thank you for your reply.

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