Caching responses that set cookies

I am trying to get Cloudflare to cache static files from a specific folder on my site.

I made a page rule for “*” with “Cache Level: Cache Everything”.

However, the responses still get the “cf-cache-status: BYPASS” header when requested.

I suspect that this is because the origin server adds some cookies to the response (which I don’t need, but can’t seem to get rid of)

Is there a way to diagnose exactly why the cache is bypassed?

And is there a way to use a page rule to cache the response, regardless of the cookies in the response from the origin server?

Can I even tell if the request triggered the page rule?

Try adding an Edge Cache TTL as well. Maybe even try setting Browser Caching TTL to something other than Respect Origin Headers.

You can always do a quick test by setting that Rule to Forwarding URL to a third party site. And make sure it’s the first rule on your list.

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