Caching Requests and "None" (Empty) Cache Are Increasing


For some weird reason, the caching requests keep increasing and there are large spikes of “Served by Cloudflare”. Right now it is more than I have seen it.

Also, the none (Empty) percentage is about 86% while the Hit is 9% (24 hour period) but the amount of pages cached has stayed around the same. However, via the Overview tab, The percentage of cached content is 75%, which is lower than usual and it seems to be steadily decreasing.

This has been happening over the course of several days.

I haven’t done anything differently, so I am not sure exactly what’s wrong or how to figure it out or if it is even a big deal.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

It could be due to 301 or 302 redirects.

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That’s exactly what’s causing it. Thanks for that. That doesn’t have any negative effect on cloudflare and my site does it? I would assume not.

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Yeah. Of course you can try to see which URLs are sending 301 or 302 and verify whether this is expected.

Is there a place in the CF dashboard that shows that?

In the cache analytics:

You should see this if you filter for Cache Status = None. You will see the URL paths associated with this cache status.

Else, go to Traffic Analytics and filter for status code 301 or 302. Then you will see the URL paths.

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