Caching remains as 'dynamic' no matter how I setup the page rules

So I noticed of the 330k requests per day… only 2k are actually cached.

My api’s are on subdomains, example of one of my busier ones:

To make sure these are cached, I setup the following page rule:

Cache Level: Cache Everything, Edge Cache TTL: 7 days

However when I check the headers, the ‘CF-Cache-Status’ is always ‘DYNAMIC’

What am I missing here?

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** is the page rule

Cookies maybe?, hard to say without header example

Turn on Edge Cache TTL as well.

Edge Cache TTL: 7 days is my current setting already :confused:

Sorry I’m just on my phone but I guess it’s the encoding chunked that is your problem, maybe we need an Cloudflare expert here, good luck :+1:

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So… I forgot to mention these are posts requests. I understand cloudflare doesn’t cache these by default… but I really need it to

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I had the same problem once, it was easier to rewrite the application to “get”, don’t know if it’s possible but give it a tough

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I just rewrote my function to use GET and it still shows the cf-cache-status as dynamic :confused:

The header still says chunked? If so it’s probably not possible to cache

Chunked had nothing to do with it really. It was the post causing the issues. It took a bit but now it seems that it’s caching correctly

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