Caching problem


i have made changes in my site in html and css, and pictures before 12 ours and stil the same not change, normaly all changes when i made it works after 4 ours max, but now not.

i dont know were is the problem

Thank you

Hi there.

So you’ve modified files on your origin server but Clouflare is still serving the ‘old’ ones? Try purging your cache via the Cloudflare dashboard. You can purge everything or specify the files your modified, such as, etc.

I’m having the same problem. After clearing the home page file, it finally changed after a while. The entire site updated a few minutes later. Then everything reverted back and hasn’t returned since.


okay i fixed i go in my Cloudflare in Caching and in Purge Cache, Purge individual files.

and now it is ok :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answers

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Sorry for the delayed response.

The browser cache problem can happens if HTTP headers are not correctly configured. Make sure to check it and correct.

I had the same problem. I was struggling to solve it for a month until I found this post. First I didn’t even know that it could have anything to do with Cloudflare, I just thought it is either regular cache problem or maybe my theme builder wasn’t saving changes. But then I realized that using proxy gives me different versions of my site and I started suspecting it might be something to do with Cloudflare after all.

I cleared the cache and solved the problem, thanks.

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I’m having trouble where ‘some’ of the users seeing the old version of the website even after I Purged. They have to manually ‘Clear-cache’ on their browser to see the changes. Could this be the headers configuration problem?

Thank you