Caching problem with my website

I’ve looked through all my cache settings on my content management system (WordPress), I disabled everything so it should be a problem with the cache layer with the cache settings CloudFare are supplying. If there is a solution, please help. I really want my website fixed. I’m currently changing pages from the colourful version to the cleaner white version. It only loads loads the new version when logged in.


Did you purge the cache in Cloudflare?

You’re using Ezoic. You’ll have to ask them for assistance.

Yes. Unfortunately still the old pages are loading eg shouldn’t be full of colours, it should be like the image attached.

I didn’t realise Ezoic would have a caching problem? I’m definitely using CloudFare and only integrated Ezoic a week or two ago.

And now the page here is looking like this: Barcelona - Student Travel Tips - Advice Written by Students for Students

It’s very odd and I don’t really know what to do at this stage.


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