Caching problem with Cloudflare

I’m having a server-caching problem and need help.

I’ve confirmed that even with the LiteSpeed plugin deactivated; there is still a delay for the changes to go live.
There must be a server-caching feature that prevents the changes from going live immediately. There is a way to confirm this is a caching issue using URL parameters, for example:
Make any changes to the Spain page and then visit the links above from a private tab:

This confirms that Elementor correctly saves the changes, but a caching method does not show them live.

if there is a server cache activated with CloudFare, something is preventing the changes from going live straight away.

Please help

This is how caching works isn’t it?

If you want the changes to be reflected immediately, you should purge the cache manually in Cloudflare dashboard.

Some plugins offer automated cache purge functionality e.g. the official Cloudflare plugin, so you may use that as well.

Hi Eric,

I’d like to disable all caching with CloudFare to see if this fixes it. Can you help me navigate how I get hold of someone via email? I’m close to thinking I might have to move server to solve these issues.

Thank you,


Switch your site to “Development Mode” which can be found on your zone overview page

This only lasts 1 hour. I’d like to disable it permanently to see if this resolves the issue. Then I can go back to Elementor and ensure it’s not to do with CloudFare’s caching.



Try a Page Rule:
Setting: Cache Level (Bypass)

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