Caching on subdomain only?

I have a domain set up for a website in the Cloudflare dashboard and have created a subdomain for it in the DNS.

I have a couple of questions…

Is it possible to turn on caching for only the subdomain within that website?

If not, then is it possible to set up the subdomain as it’s own website within Cloudflare so that caching can be turned on/off for the subdomain without affecting the main domain?

If this is not possible then if I order a Wordpress APO subscription am I able to specify the subdomain as the target for the subscription and how will it affect the main domain which is not running Wordpress?

Thank you

I think I have figured out the first part…I should enable proxied in the DNS settings for the subdomain and leave the main domain as DNS only? If so the 2nd question is not needed.

The third question about ordering wordpress APO subscription for one subdomain and not the other I am still not sure about.

Then only the Subdomain would be cached because the Main Domain is not proxied through Cloudflares Network. You could also use Page Rules to Enable Caching only on the Subdomain when you want to use the Security Features.

Im not sure about the APO Part tho

Thank you, yes if the main domain is not proxied then it wont be getting the security benefits. I’ll take a look at the page rules.

Hopefully someone else will know about the wordpress APO. I would think Cloudflare makes you select which domain/subdomain it applies to otherwise some people would pay for a domain and stick many subdomains under it to only pay one subscription.

Rather than the legacy Page Rules, you may consider the more robust Cache Rules beta.


That’s great and I can see some other great uses of the Cache Rules that would be useful too.

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Yes, you can specify hostnames. You need to use the Cloudflare API to do this. Make sure you have a subscription for APO enabled on your account, and the Cloudflare WordPress plugin properly installed and running in your subdomain.


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