Caching on site with just 400 visitors per day



I pay about $1000-$2000 per month for visitors from google search.

Of course, I want to be sure they see my landing page before they press back, i.e. I really want a fast site. The content of the site is static html, generated from a wordpress site. Updates are never urgent, i.e. if the site shows 1 day old content is not a problem.

Most of the visitors are in US, EU and Oceania. My origin server is in Germany. Only having a single server in either US or Europe is not good enough, the Atlantic is too big :slight_smile:

It seems that cloudflare is not intended for small sites like this. In reality, the pages are never cached, i.e. cloudflare always has to download them from the origin.

Suggestions? I am thinking of just have 3 servers myself, one in US, the current in Germany, and Singapore, and then using GeoDNS instead.



Using page rules you can define which patterns of URL you wanna serve from cache as described here.

If you are looking for cache everything solution with a single click, it is not that easy it looks in first glance (what if contents delivered to logged-in users are supplied from cache?). Here is a related thread.



you can always full cache them in your server
in the worst case scenario when cf make request to your server it will only add something like 100ms



You can also try pre-warming up the CF cache for low traffic sites Warming Up Cache Geographically Using Webpagetest :slight_smile:

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That is what I have today. Everything cached by nginx with long expiry. However, 100ms is a lot, remember that since browser only load few resources a time, it adds to a second at least. And, if we anyway do that, what is the purpose of the cloudfront http-proxy



I already have warming up geographically, I have a server in US, EU and Singapore just for that. However, it seems that cloudfront is so distributed in US, so that the likelyhood a US person benefits from another US person already visting the site is very low.

I think this is the core of the problem. Having many sites inside US is a good thing for a large scale site, but useless for a small site like mine. I would prefer one or maybe 2 US locations.



I have created cloudfront rules so that it also caches to top static html page.



This may be a good use case for Argo and it’s Tiered Caching. It improves Cloudflare <-> Server connection speed and manages a Tiered Caching per macro area. It costs 0.10$/GB, but I see improvements on way more distributed websites than a single server.

Maybe adding a couple of servers distributed between EU and US and then traffic split using using DNS geo-routing may also help.



Yes, I think DNS geo-routing is most likely a better solution. I do not even need Cloudflares caching. It seems to me that cloudflare doesn’t support geo-routing?



It’s in the Load Balancing offering.