Caching on Cloudflare and website server

The website software I use allows you to select APC(u) or File caching or No caching. Cloudflare also caches the site, is there any advantage to having caching at both ends, or would it be better to have one or the other, if so which end, and if server caching is better, would APC(u) or file caching be the best choice?

So basically do I use Cloudflare caching, server caching, or both. If server or both, which is best APC(u) or file caching?

Those are generally separate. Server caching is usually to pre-render the page HTML. Cloudflare’s default configuration doesn’t cache HTML.

My recommendation is to enable your server caching as well.

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APCu is for object caching not for file caching.

APCu is also server caching, for the rendering of pages. Your host doesn’t let you enable APCu and file caching?

sdayman, APC is for variable caching + object caching. But APCu is only for object caching, for php file caching opcache is used. (I may be wrong)

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Cloudflare and APC(u) it is then :^)

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