Caching of data on my 2 website


We are having a hard time solving the caching method of our 2 site. Our scenario is this:

web 1 = (the CMS) where all data is stored.
web 2 = (the Website) where data will show from the web1.

How can we get the data from web1 to web2 without having a problem in the loading speed?

What we have right now is to create a clearcache file and store the data from the web1 and put the cache file in the web 2. the problem is when we do that it took the website down for about 4hours or more.

How can Cloudflare help us with this?

Thanks in advance guys!

That sounds like a CDN on a different DNS (Subdomain or whatever) which makes no sense at Cloudflare since it is a reverse proxy CDN.

Can you share your domain/URL?

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