Caching not working - no CF-Cache-Status Response

I went through the setup process for Cloudflare and it all looks good. But then I tested the site through GT Metrix and its not getting a CF-Cache-Status: Response of any kind.

Am i missing something, should i be looking for something else? How can I tell if Cloudflare Caching is actually working and how can I fix it if it’s not?

This is the GT Metrix report link.


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Where are you looking for this header? I checked your website, and all your static assets (jpg, css, js etc) are correctly returning either cf-cache-status: MISS or cf-cache-status: HIT. You will not find this header in your main HTML documents, because Cloudflare does not cache HTML pages by default. If it did, Cloudflare will serve outdated pages even if you update the website.

You can enable HTML page caching, but that requires:

  • Setting a page-rule to “cache everything”.
  • Setting a page-rule “Edge Cache TTL”.
  • OR setting cache-control: public, max-age=31536000 in your response headers.
  • If you need to update the website, you will need to “purge cache” from the Cloudflare dashboard.
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thank you so much imagevuex! I’m an absolute newbie to all this so i was clearly looking in the wrong place!! Thank you so much for your advice!!

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