Caching MKV files from my nginx origin

Hi, I have an Origin nginx serving mkv files sizes goes from 200MB - 1.1GB top…
It works okay for customers, but sometimes I get over requests on peak times and I don’t pretend to upgrade my server’s NiC bandwidth just for peak times…

So I was wondering if I could use any of your services, I took a look at stream services, but it’s way too expensive for my requirements since I have LOTs of minutes of videos and it definitevly will kill me…

So I was expecting something like this:
If i get 100 requests of the same files on the same day (within few hours), you take my file from origin and deliver it to the 100 end users and get charge just for the consumed bandwidth instead of the storage of the hundred of thousands of hours of videos…

I use https + token + expiry on my nginx server, so a similar implementation would be required for this service.

So, is there a product/service I could hire from you?

Short answer: no.

It sounds like you’re trying to use Cloudflare’s cache to serve media. This will likely get you kicked off Cloudflare due to ToS 2.8:

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Oops sorry about that, so, the only way to get something like this, is to use a Streaming Service subscription then… Thanks a lot for the info!

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