Caching Levels w/Page Rules


We are running a pro plan.

I recently remove the “cache everything” feature since we were running into issues with it caching logged in user pages (and made them publicly available).

I was researching the use of “bypass cache on cookie” feature available in business plans.

Would the following scenario work if we upgraded to a business plan:

1.) In the same page rule, set up cache everything for entire site and add bypass cache on cookies
2.) In a second page rule, add cache standard for /shop/* URLs (this is where our shop is structured)

My goal is to improve the site speed and TTFB by caching everything on our wordpress site, but only using the static cache on the /shop pages (/shop/cart, /shop/checkout, etc.).

If you have a better suggestion, I would really appreciate it!


Before you jump to a Business plan, give the article below a read. It basically does the same thing, but using Workers. Just keep in mind that in either scenario, the Cookie means the user will have to hit your server directly and get slower performance. And as cool as the Business plan is, you can get blazing fast managed WordPress hosting for less, and those Cookie users will also get a fast TTFB.

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