Caching Level Question

Since adding 2 Vimeo videos to my website, GT-Metrix is warning me about “Serve resources from a consistent URL”. I am not sure why GT Metrix is warning about about this.


In Cloudflare, I have the Caching set to standard but was wondering if using the “No Query String” is the option I should be using to fix the above.

Any advice would be appreciated

That setting only applies to content served through Cloudflare and determines how that content is cached.

The files in question come from a third party, so that setting wouldnt have any effect. The problem simply seems to be the difference in the mh parameters.

The problem simply seems to be the difference in the mh parameters.

I am assuming the mh is referring to the height. Is this something I should be worried about, I mean, if I start adding more videos, is the GT Metrix page score going to drop even further.

That score is pretty arbitrary and not always very meaningful. That should be all right generally.

But you can certainly unify that parameter in this case.

How would I go about Unify then parameter please

Make sure they have the same values.

This is where I am a little confused, I will pop over to Vimeo and check the sizes of the videos

Well, if you compare the URLs the same to differ by one pixel (assuming these are pixels).

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