Caching issues

I’m new and a non-specialist so please excuse me if this has an obvious answer.

My developer made some improvements to my website. However, after using GTMetrix to look for SEO optimisations, it seems the changes were not being reflected due to the cache.

After ‘purging’ the cache on Clouflare, this has solved the issue.

However, Cloudflare settings are set to 4 hours before cache expiration, yet we had the same issue on GT Metrix for over a week, until I purged the cache manually.

Why was it not refreshing?

Many thanks.

Without more information, such as a URL and what data isn’t refreshing, it’s possible you have a Page Rule that’s caching that part of your site.

The URL is

I’m looking at the images that aren’t refreshing - there may be other things but that was all I was looking to optimise at present. Does that shed any more light on it?


The first thing I notice is a 30-day browser cache setting, so it’s possible GT Metrix is retaining the images. Oddly enough, I’m getting several Cloudflare Cache HITs in Los Angeles. GTMetrix doesn’t use Cloudflare’s LAX datacenter. I usually don’t get cache hits for sites on another continent.

When did you modify the images? Many of them have a July 17th (or earlier) timestamp.

Can you post the specific URL for one image that’s not updating?

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