Caching issues? Website not working right over Cloudflare

If I request my website using the local Server-IP I get a working website using WORKING CSS
If I request it with the domain so over Cloudflare HTML content is INSIDE the CSS?!
Is that some kind of caching can I disable that??

May I ask what is the URL to the resource / website?

May I ask you to check what option (value) have you got selected for Caching Level and Browser Cache TTL?
Navigate to Caching → Configuration → Caching Level and section below this is Browser Cache TTL to check.

What happens when you click on the button Purge Everything, wait for a minute, then refresh the webpage you are looking.

Otherwise, are you using some Page Rules for caching?

Are you using WordPress and some page builder maybe? :thinking:

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Thanks for the reply i check asap currently i cant even reach the dashboard just kinda crashed nice…

I am not using Wordpress
TTL is standard at least i did not change it is currently set to 20min
I already tryed to clear the cash
I dont think my page has any rules for that at least not that i set and if it was my page why would it work in my lan

ISSUE FOUND works now

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