Caching issues in subrequests

I’m using Cloudflare worker as a reverse proxy to my server. However, when my server returns a status code 429 the worker is caching it and in the following requests the worker doesn’t even make new subrequests, it already returns the status 429 which apparently was cached.
I’ve read documentations and tried in several ways to solve this cache when the subrequest returns 429 but I was not successful.

Has anyone had a similar issue with caching 429 responses on subrequests?

Is your server sending Cache-Control/Expires headers on the 429 that would tell Cloudflare to cache it?

No, my server does not send these headers in the response. The headers sent in the response by my server are: Date, Content-Type, Transfer-Encoding, Connection and Server. I’ve noticed that when my server returns 429, this response is stored and the worker returns this for about 3 minutes.