Caching issue with Memberpress / STRIPE

I created several rules to exlude caching for webhooks needed for MemberPress. Per Memberpress the webhooks are still be cached even though the rule was created to “exclude”. Memberpress suggest changing server caching. Below is a link to the webhook showing that its been cached. The caching of the webhooks prevents the transactions from being posted in Wordpress althought successfully posted in STRIPE / PayPAl.

image.png (3022×1806) 2024-....


The cache status is DYNAMIC, which means it’s not cached and was requested from the server, see…

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Thanks for the quick response. After I posted this topic and reviewed the settings in google chrome I saw the DYNAMIC and the meaning on CLoudFlare. So, does this mean I need to make sure this Webhook is NOT cached on the server side by GoDaddy?

Thank you so much.

Hi, so I too am experiencing this issue with Cloudflare caching my webhook page despite having set up a cache rule. see attached

Can anyone assist with this as I am at a dead end?