Caching issue. Site behaves differently depending on the country

We have website with some special interactive features that are working in other countries but not for us in Canada. We have purged cache, disabled cloudflare yet it still persists 24 hours later. The site is WordPress hosted in Siteground. If I view the page with my VPN enabled to any country the features work as they should. As soon as I turn off the VPN, then the problems are visible. Siteground was able to replicate as well. I flushed DNS cache as well, deleted cookies. Anyone out there with feedback?

If you’ve disabled Cloudflare, what leads you to believe this is a Cloudflare issue?

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Test the VPN reported IP address or the problematic IP address in geo location database checker at It will report the geo location data for several geodatabases and you may find sometimes not all databases are up to date with IP’s geo location data unfortunately.

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