Caching issue -- ?nocache=1 suffix has to be used


I just started using CloudFlare a few days ago and we have been having caching issues since. An old version of our site ( is still being served to most visitors.

Style changes are not being reflected and new blog posts are not populating on the homepage.

When I check server response, it is displaying on most servers, except for Virginia.

We have tried purging every type of cache we can think of. The site displays an old cached version regardless of browser, private window, etc. The only way it will display for us is if we use the ?nocache=1 suffix on the URL.

Any advice?


That looks more like an incomplete load of the same site. This global test shows more consistent results.

Thanks for the reply.

For instance, in the link you sent, when I run a test the site it is loading is an old cached version. The header is incorrect and the small banner at the very top of the page physically does not exist anymore on our site.

What’s interesting is that some of the servers show the current version of the site and some are serving the old version. What could be causing this?

There is a source somewhere that is serving up this old version and we can’t figure out what to do to fix it. As a result, no blog posts are updating etc.

If you go to you can see the current version which should be displaying.

Pardon my ignorance, but I really appreciate the help.


Cloudflare isn’t caching your HTML, but if any of that is generated by JS or CSS, that may be cached. But if you’ve done a Purge Everything at Cloudflare, even that should sync up with your origin site. Unless your host somehow has multiple origins or caching servers, though that’s unlikely.

Since adding a query string to the URL busts the cache, and Cloudflare doesn’t cache that URL, then that indicates something at the host.

You’re certainly welcome to open a support ticket. Maybe they can run tests from each datacenter to trace down where this old content is coming from.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

I submitted a support ticket.

Thanks for the help.

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