Caching issue...Need Urgent Assistance


I tried submitting a ticket for this but it keeps being bumped to resolved which is infuriating as this issue is affecting our readership and revenue.

We used to be with a former host who might have set up our Cloudflare account for us to bolster security. We have moved on to a new host some time ago.

The issue with our site is that readers are reporting that nothing has updated since last Monday. I use Google and Opera and haven’t seen this issue until I went into Incognito mode today. Normal Google browsing mode…updated site. Incognito…Outdated site with no updates since last Monday.

On Monday when I logged into the Cloudflare plug-in it didn’t show any of the options, like we didn’t even register with them yet. When I clicked on the error link it took me to Cloudflare asking me to add the site to Cloudflare, etc. I believe we already had a free account. Now, the system is asking me to complete the NameServer setup. It says…“Pending Nameserver Update”.

Again, I thought we already had an account with but perhaps we are under our former host/partner and they have changed or altered things. The longer this goes on the more revenue we lose and the more readers we lose.

If possible, for the time being we don’t want our site detoured through Cloudflare. Can you assist us in this regard? Thanks!

What is the domain?

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