Caching issue (I think)



Since I have activated Cloudflare on my Website I am facing a Website Broken Issue. But After Putting any query string after domain like
It starts working fine. I am not able to figure out what exact issue is :frowning:


The site mostly works for me, except for a JavaScript error for gettime.

What looks broken to you?


@sdayman yes, it’s a JS which is causing Issue, news ticker, slider widget are the two things which is not working


In DevTools, It’s showing a number of CSP violations and 401’s.


So what to do now?


Have you recently installed or configured any WordPress security plugins or plugins that have content security policy options?


@Withheld, I have wordfence installed but it is installed since first day, and never faced something like this


ok thanks everyone for helping, it was a WP rocket plugin, I have to re configure it and everything seems to work fine than

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