Caching issue for my website

Hi Guys,

In the last few weeks i started to face the issue that whenever i update my wordpress theme website using ftp agents such as filezilla, changes wont come even though i purged the cache few times through cloudflare,

Sometimes it will take more than a day to get the updates, which is frustrating,

I have checked with the hosting support team and they have done all the tests from their sides and it all point back to cloudflare caching,

I dont have any caching plugin in my wordpress except for the normal jetpack plugin,

Any help is much appreciated from you all,

my website:


If you’ve cleared the Cloudflare cache (Purge Everything), it isn’t a Cloudflare caching issue. Have you tried purging your browser’s cache?

Jetpack can certainly be throwing in some caching headers. Can you post the URL of a resource that’s not updating?

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Thanks for the comment @sdayman,

I have tried cleared the cloudflare cache and even tried disabling it, but still the header comes out as the website cache is CF dynamic,

I also tried the development Mode but still not updated,

The example of the URL is as below:

I have change the text in this page to be IFN Best Banks Awards, but since two hours still wont work,

It take more than 12hours to get the new updates appearing on the website, eventhough the above URL is not inside the wordpress installation and i dont think its affected by the Jetpack,


If cf-cache says DYNAMIC, then it’s coming from your server. To isolate, switch that hostname in Cloudflare DNS to :grey: so your browser is connecting to the server.

It’s also possible your web host has some sort of server-level page caching. Really, set it to :grey: and see how fast updates happen.

Another test is a command-line get directly from the server. That URL is a pretty small page and won’t be difficult to read the raw output:

curl --resolve
(Change the to your real server IP address)

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Thanks for the help,

After many tries the issue was solved by flushing the opcache, it maybe because of recently moving to the 7.* php versions,

Thanks again for your comments,

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