Caching HTML breaks Wordpress site for Pro accounts

So I’ve been trying to get away from using a Wordpress caching plugin and was happy to find out that Cloudflare will cache static html content. So I went ahead and setup a rule to “cache everything” and “bypass wp-admin.” However, because I don’t have the option to “bypass cache on cookie”, the site is basically useless to users wanting to leave a comment, or if I want to make a quick change. I’d have to go back and forth and manually purge with every change. Just not practical.

So why does Cloudflare offer this option to Pro users if it’s just not practical? A jump from $20 to $200 for the bypass cache on cookie feature is ridiculous.

I think it’s still beneficial to keep a Wordpress caching plugin. This way the site doesn’t have to regenerate a page if it hasn’t been changed.

However, Wordpress is pretty dynamic…especially for logged in users. A good caching plugin handles this appropriately.

All Cloudflare users can Cache Everything for any resource they want. For my Wordpress sites, most of them don’t take user comments so Cache Everything works pretty well for me. But I won’t use it for pages with comments.

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Right, that’s what I was thinking as far as being able to use Cloudflare Pro account caching on sites that are going to not change for long periods of time. The “bypass cache on cookie feature sounds awesome.” I just can’t stomach to pay $200/month for it.

That’s a steep price to pay just for that one feature, but the Business plan looks like a luxury car compared to the Pro Plan. Lots more fancy features, and increased limits over Free and Pro plans.

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For sure.

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