Caching for Cloudflare Image Resizing

Hi all,

We’re considering upgrading to Business to be able to access Image Resizing, and are wondering about how the pricing interacts with caching.

From this blog post it says: “Requests are defined as a hit on a URI that contains Image Resizing or a call to Image Resizing from a Worker.”

If 10 people in succession hit our worker for, say, the exact parameters /our/image/worker?imageid=1&width=200&height=300, is there a way to cache the Image Resizing output for that specific set of parameters, and prevent the redundant call to Image Resizing from the worker? Or will we be charged by Image Resizing for all 10 requests?

We have significant traffic to predictable URLs, and Cloudflare is usually amazing for this. But it would be a show-stopper to use Image Resizing if it would cost $10 for 100k hits to the same asset, resized exactly the same way, even if those hits would be considered cache hits by any other Cloudflare system.

Has anyone used Image Resizing before who can help or clarify?

This should work, never implemented it myself though.

Same question here. If it truly counts all of those after the resized image has already been created, then it’s definitely a show-stopper.