Caching for 1 hour even in business plan


I have a site behind cloudflare and I’m paying 200$ every month for page refresh once every 1 minute.
I have checked this documentation:

It says: “Business - 1 second”

However no matter what cache configuration I do I cannot get lower cache than 1 hour.
I have created page rule for* that says
Edge Cache TTL: 1 minute

And still I’m getting 1 hour.

I have played around with backend response headers, browser cache and so many other rules.
Also enabled “developer mode” and still got 1 hour.

I’m sure it’s not a browser cache because I have tried it from incognito window, from mobile phone and different browsers and still cannot go under 1 hour caching.

Had open a ticket to the support team, attached HAR files and screenshots from both cloudflare served content and direct backend content and they haven’t provided any meaningful feedback.

Paid 200$ one month, they haven’t resolve the issue and I have paid again for the next month another 200$ hoping that they will fix it but looks like they are not moving any forward, they just ask again and again for HAR files and sending links to documentation how to setup page rules.

Had anybody faced the same issue?
I will be grateful if anybody can assist with resolving it.

How are you testing Edge Cache TTL?

I’ve set mine down to ten seconds and browser TTL to 5 minutes. I’m not getting a ten second EXPIRED, but it’s certainly happening in less than five minutes. Probably closer to one minute.


I’m not testing it by checking response hearers, I’m just looking at the main page of my website and there’s a content that’s not getting renewed and stays there about an hour.
I have just checked the response headers from Cloudflare and it says:

cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC


Without knowing the actual domain, I can’t check for myself, but if it’s showing DYNAMIC, then Cloudflare isn’t caching it. Can you at least show all the response headers from your site? There may be a server side cache that’s doing this.


It’s a caching service called Varnish.
Here how it works:

web workers → Varnish → Internet. This was working for so many years and we have very precise tuning that’s caching for exactly 2 minutes.

Now it is the following:

web workers → Varnish → Cloudflare → Internet. The Varnish service is still caching exactly 2 minutes, because I haven’t modify any of it’s configuration.

However Cloudflare is serving old content.

The domain is

Cloudflare is not caching your pages (DYNAMIC). I checked the home page, and the first article I could find at the top of your homepage. But your server is caching it (x-cache).


If you let me know how can I reach you on a private message I can send you the IP addresses of my varnish servers. You can check there that they are serving completely different content.

Yes, they are caching and 99% of the content they serve is cached but the cache is getting revalidated and refreshed once every 2 minutes. The Cloudflare service on the other hand does not revalidates and does not purges it’s cache for entire hour and it’s serving 1 hour old content.

You can check the backend service behind Cloudflare at {redacted}.

Probably some of the main-main page is getting cached and I’m not sure if the main articles are not being served by a js file or something. I don’t know but still they are loading completely outdated content.