Caching fonts

I have a joomla based website which is running cloudflare.

The cpanel shows the 4 urls that are getting the most hits are all fonts, and are:

So cloudflare doesn’t appear to be caching these fonts.

What do I need to do to have cloudflare cache these fonts?
(It looks like cloudflare should cache these file types by default )

Many Thanks

Without knowing the actual URL of your fonts, we can’t see why they wouldn’t be cached.

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the website is


the website is


All the fonts that are loading are being cached by Cloudflare.


Good to know that cloudflare is caching them.

Why would they be the top 4 items in terms of “Number of hits” showing in cpanel data?
(Note the number of these hits on each line is a lot lower than visitors or sessions, so it looks like they are not being counted for every user session. If I total up all four of the lines, it would be in the right sort of ballpark for total visitors. Is it likely that each visitor just loads one file font type? would that be the case if they visit multiple different pages? I’m getting a bit into the weeds here but just trying to understand why these font files are appearing to generate so much traffic, and wondering if there is more of this I can put into cloudflare?)


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