Caching everything on Pro plan (no WP admin login required)

Hi guys. We have a Staging and Live website. So we (almost) never login to the admin panel of our Live website. Also, our website is completely static (we are a wedding planning agency). We only change the Live website by pushing updates in bulk from Staging to Live website every 2-3 weeks. Probably the most “not-static” part is the contact form and a call scheduling widget, and even those I believe don’t count as “dynamic”.

We are on Pro plan and we are considering to apply Cache Everything, as described on this article:

But without the Bypass Cache on Cookie setting.

Will this work like this? Or do you still see some issues with this?
Is it worth the risk, if there is any?


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When I have a “static” site on Wordpress, I crank up the caching with a couple of Page Rules:

  1.*, bypass cache and security level to under attack
  2.* Cache Everything with a maximum Edge Cache TTL. For your setup, I’d keep browser cache to a lower time so visitors will catch your updates in a reasonable amount of time.

I also don’t visit the site on the same browser I use to log into Admin. That way it doesn’t cache my view of any of the pages.

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Hey. Thanks for the info. We’ll give it a go!


  1. Would you still recommend to bypass cache for* even if we never login to this Live website (we change everything on Staging website and deploy to Live every 3 weeks)? Or I guess it doesn’t do any harm anyway?

If you have a Page Rule to spare, you should bypass for wp-login even if you never log in.

But since you never use wp-login, you might as well completely block it off with a Firewall Rule. Then that Page Rule won’t even matter.

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OK, got it. Thanks again. We’ll give it a go!

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Hi there - I came across this topic and your reply. I don’t set Edge Cache TTL on my site because it ends up caching the WP admin toolbar when I logged in (as the first visit).

You mentioned:
“I also don’t visit the site on the same browser I use to log into Admin. That way it doesn’t cache my view of any of the pages.”

Can you explain this to me? Won’t any visit, from any browser cache a “logged-in version” on Cloudflare if it’s the first visit? On my site I have 2500 pages, so it’s impossible to ensure the first visit will always come from a non-logged in user.

Thanks for any tips! Reason I ask is my “Cache Everything” stopped working, but would if I enabled Edge Cache TTL.

Your use case doesn’t match that of this thread. The OP doesn’t have logged in users.

You need caching that’s bypassed for logged in users.

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