Caching everything except MP3s

Hi, I want to cache everything except for MP3 audio files. I do this so I can use the Argo feature and boost speeds without paying so much bandwith. My site delivers a ton of MP3s. So I’m wondering how I can cache literally everything except MP3s so that cloudflare doesn’t charge me all that bandwidth if I turn on the argo feature!

  • Rule #1: /*.mp3 -> Bypass cache
  • Rule #2: /* -> Cache everything

Sounds a bit counter-productive. You might save a few $ on Argo, but by not caching MP3 files, you are loosing out on the benefits of Cloudflare CDN caching your mp3 files, for fast delivery to your visitors.

I am pretty sure cached or not you will pay for argo…

there is a way but you will need to ask cloudflare about it:
using one domain for argo and one domain for non argo, than use some smart worker\logic to make it work

but you will probably need cloudflare agreement about it

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As @boynet2 pointed out, caching shouldnt affect Argo. If you use Argo’s routing you will be charged for that re-routed traffic regardless of whether it is cached or not. Caching MP3 files generally might be a problem as Cloudflare can be a bit particular when it comes to caching content which is not immediately web related.

I believe this thread mixes up several things at once. As for your original question about page rules, see my original response. For everything else, you should probably contact support and clarify your use case first.

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