Caching Dynamic Website

Hi everyone, i am new to Cloud Flare and would appreciate if someone from the community can help:

1.) Much of the content on my website is static and so i wanted to use ESI to separate the dynamic portion of the code. The question is will it work if i enable cache everything rule with Cloud Flare?

2.) We use geolocation data to display prices to our customer in their local currency and language. How can we get this done by caching all Static HTML specific to a geolocation?

Please opine as i have been stuck for a while now. I am on a lite speed web server using an outdated version of e-Commerce platform called as OS Commerce - CreLoaded


I don’t know OS Commerce, but can it produce separate URLs for each language/currency combo?

Thank you for responding. Yes it can, for instance is for English Speaking customers with currency as USD is for English Speaking customers with currency as GBP


Please can you help? We are now redirecting users from us to US version of our website e.g using a 302 redirect but the issue now is that we are unable to cache the same. I read somewhere that cloud flare cannot cache a 302 redirect. Please opine how can we achieve the desired results?


You should be able to create such redirection on workers. Also CF caches redirects 301 for 120 minutes and 302 for 20 minutes.
Maybe this will be something useful Creating Cache Keys – Cloudflare Help Center

Miroslaw Pabian

Thank you i will go through the same.



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