Caching dynamic html articles (for 15min period update) with Vivvo CMS


I have a Pro account with Cloudflare. I just started with some Page rules to cache statics contents and folders.

As we have a dynamic News website using Vivvo CMS with high traffic (3000 online users at the same time) . We are thinking on caching also dynamic html pages for a certain short time (between 10min and 15min).
I know that for our account Pro we can applicate agressive caching with “edge cache TTL” with 1 houre period update. But it is alot of time
Edge cache TTL with 15min is only available for entreprise accounts and it cost alot (high budget).
I wonder if there is any other idea how to cache dynamic html pages for 10min -15min period.

It will be an appreciated help

Thank you very much

You can actually increase that Edge Cache, then use the API via a cron job to purge whatever you want, whenever you want.

Cloudflare API v4 Documentation (scroll down a bit for Purge file by URL)

Thanks sdayman.

This methode can work exactly like. ?
(Cache everything for Html pages + edge cache TTL 15min ).
So the html pages will refresh every 15min ?

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