Caching Configuration Issues on Concrete CMS Website


I am currently facing issues with caching our website on Cloudflare. We have our website* set to “Cache Everything” on Page Rules. Changing this to “Standard” will cause our web server to be overloaded since it gets a lot of requests per day (by the thousands). Concrete CMS pulls data directly from the database which causes the CPU to overload and thereby returning a timeout when a request is made to the website, which is why we have “Cache Everything” turned on.

But this Cache Level option is currently messing up with the dynamic aspects of our website (such as login, compressed video not loading, ads showing for logged in users, etc). I am looking for advice to mitigate this with Cloudflare. I just wanted to ask some questions if it will be possible.

  1. Is there a code snippet for Cloudflare that will enable us to not return a cache page when a user is logged in? We have a logic where we target logged in users and I was hoping to make use of it.
  2. Is it possible to target an element on a webpage and not let Cloudflare cache it?

Please, any advice or suggestions pointing to the right direction will be appreciated.