Caching behave differently on test and live server

I have added my site on Cloudflare.
There’s also one subdomain of it. It’s for testing purposes. I have added both on Cloudflare. and didn’t set any configuration for any particular domain or subdomain still cf-cache-status for the main domain is HIT/BYPASS and the cf-cache-status for subdomain is DYNAMIC. I don’t know why it’s different on both domain though I haven’t set any different configuration.

Please let me know if anyone know anything about it.
Thank you!

Hi @rohit.optimumbrew,

Can you check that any page rules you have configured to change the default caching behaviour also cover the subdomain?

Hi @domjh
I have checked. I didn’t add any page rule

Can you give a sample URL on the test and live site for the same resource that’s showing different headers?


The Date header looks correct on both.

As far as caching, it looks like you have APO enabled on the live site, but not the test site. Not a surprise, as most people won’t do that. I believe the plugin page will tell you which hostnames it’s active on. If not there, then on the Speed → Optimization tab at


Is APO use for non-wordpress site also?
Because my site is not a wordpress site.

APO is for WordPress, so that’s a mystery why those headers are showing on your site. In your Cloudflare dashboard, is Automatic Platform Optimization enabled in the Speed → Optimization section?

Yes, Thank you @sdayman .
Your reply solved my problem.

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