Caching Becoming A Major Issue On Membership Site

Hey there. I seem to be having an issue with a membership site. A fairly big issue actually.

Just a little background. I recently switched from a share hosting to a VPS. I confirmed with A2Hosting that I do NOT have any server side caching.

I use Memberpress, a popular Wordpress plugin. But members are constantly having issues not being able to access pages they should have access to. It’s essentially redirecting them to the homepage, or logging them out.

Clearing their browser cache, logging out and logging back in resolves the problem. But, it’s becoming a recurring and nagging issue for a lot of people, and these people are the backbone of our business.
Our membership end is in a subfolder with a separate WordPress installation.

I have no caching plugin installed on the website, and I’ve also added this pagerule:
Cache Level: Bypass

There are * on either side for wildcards, but for some reason they won’t appear on here.

I’ve also purched my cache completely numerous times.

Do we know what is going on here by any chance? With no server side caching and no plugin caching the pages, Memberpress states it is very likely Cloudflare messing with page viewability rules based on membership.

Care to advise? How do I make sure NO caching goes on, or no cloudflare activity goes on period, on our /premium/ subfolder.



Without the actual URL, we can’t troubleshoot this.

Hey there! No problem it’s

Everything is essentially members only. You’d be able to view the login page and that’s it.

You shouldn’t need that Page Rule to bypass cache for pages, as Cloudflare does not cache pages by default.

I see that your /premium/ directory is showing DYNAMIC, as expected.

But your site is behaving as if cookies aren’t working. I don’t think it’s a caching issue. Caching would cause people to see pages they shouldn’t be able to see. In this case, the opposite is pretty much happening. They’re not getting access that they already signed in for.

What I do see are two cache-control headers. That’s probably not the problem, but it’s not good.

Other than that, I don’t know what’s causing their sessions to expire. Maybe another @MVP has seen this, though I doubt it’s Cloudflare related.

Interesting. This literally has me stumped.

I’ve had probably…30 members email me with an issue over the last week. All of them I’ve instructed to clear browsing cache and history, leave cookies. All have reported it works after.

It’s crazy hard to diagnose, as I cannot replicate the error on my end. I’ve even created dummy accounts with premium access etc. It’s becoming crazy frustrating.

When you say cookies aren’t working, you’re essentially saying it’s not recognizing them as logged in? That’s why some are getting kicked to login screen?

The weird part is, and I’ve had this happen across numerous people, when they use safari and try to go to a page it kicks them back to the login screen. But if they use Chrome, it just goes to our premium dashboard. It’s so confusing.

After they clear everything, they don’t have any more problems? It makes me wonder if they had cookies from the previous installation, and their old cookies didn’t hold up well on the new server.

I haven’t had a single member complain twice. So, I would imagine it’s been fixed when they do this.

Also, interestingly enough I haven’t had a member who’s recently signed up complain about it.

Can you enlighten me as to why cookies would be causing this issue? Just so I can contact my host.

I only know that the behavior points to cookies becoming invalid/ignored/cleared/whatever. But I don’t know why someone who was in the premium section suddenly got kicked out. At some point, the site no longer recognized their cookie and they needed to get a new one through the login process.

Alright. Thanks a ton for the help. I’m going to just paste this thread into A2hostings ticket and maybe they can get pointed in the right direction.

As for right now, seems to work by just clearing cookies. However, I don’t want it to be a recurring thing. I’d rather stop it altogether.



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To add to the mind numbing confusion of all of this, I’ve attached an image that a member sent me for an unrelated complaint.

I noticed in the top left, that network logo with the chat bubble is the default logo for the theme. I replaced that image in April of 2020, when I installed the theme. So this guy is seeing a logo that was on the site in April for all of 5 seconds before I replaced it with our own logo.

Would that give you any insight as to whether or not it would be a cloudflare issue?

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