Caching assistance

Short story:
Website A makes xhr calls to website B (JSON Files).
Website B has page rules to cache those urls with the settings:
Browser cache - 1 hour
Cache Level - everything
Edge cache - 1 hour
Origin cache control - off

the TTLs were initially set to higher (i think a month).
After the change, whenever i open site A, the xhr returns a very old cached version. It’s different than if I load the resource from website B directly in browser. Now, the xhr response header keeps saying that it should expire in 1 hour (it hasn’t, been trying for about 6 hours now). And it does have a max-age=3600. I have tried to expire the url though the UI, through an api call from my server. Nothing seems to work.
When i turn off the rule, it does fetch the new version, but of course it doesn’t cache it. When i turn it back on, the old resource appears.
Any ideas what i am missing?

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